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Blog#1 “The Story of an Hour” By Kate Chopin September 25, 2007

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Author Kate Chopin

Author Kate Chopin

After reading Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” I personally believe that the ending of the story is more important than the setting. I think the setting in the story gives a large contribution to the enjoyment of the reader, however it is the surprise ending that captures the audiences attention and makes them stop and really think about what just happened. The ending is what has the biggest impact on the reader. Personally when I think of the story the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Oh, that was the story with the twisted ending.” What does not come to my mind is, “Oh, wow the setting in that story was just spectacular.” However, be reminded this is just my personal opinion. I think that the surprising ending makes the story somewhat more memorable and for me the ending overpowers the setting in the story.

I do not agree with the critic’s that see Chopin “as only a local colourist or the creator of clever plot twists.” The word only in that quote is what I mainly disagree with because it sounds demeaning, it seems as though they are taking intriguing elements of her writing and treating them as though they are not important. Chopin has an ability with her setting to allow the reader to feel the emotions of the characters, we as the audience are able to see and feel the environment in which the characters are in. As far as her ‘clever plot twists,’ these capture the audiences attention and causes them to reflect on what they have just read. It makes the story memorable and creative; being unable to predict an ending in a story makes it much more intriguing and interesting than one in which you can clearly predict. Overall Chopin’s use of setting and clever plot makes for an interesting and exciting read.  If you look deeper into the story however you will see that it has much more to offer, within the lines are lessons of love and life. Personally what I took from her story is to not let life live you by. Live your life to the fullest, Mrs.Mallard was caught up in a life with her husband that she didn’t want to be in, she was actually excited about her husbands death, she felt as she said, “Free, free, free!” This story can make it’s audience reflect on their life, and if they are really happy with what they are making of it.


Overall I think that Chopin’s story has more to offer than just colourful setting and a clever plot, it has lessons on life and it makes the audience reflect, which to me is a good story.


2 Responses to “Blog#1 “The Story of an Hour” By Kate Chopin”

  1. 091002339princess Says:

    I am new to blogging and I must learn to not see stories so literal but I must open my mind to see the different meaning of the story. I was trying to make sense of the death of the lady after she had felt freedom for such a short amount of time, but how else could the story have ended? The story made me wonder about what the author was saying about the lady, or freedom.

  2. Hi Meagan,
    I really enjoyed your different point of views and opinions on the short story “The Story of An Hour”. At first i had believed that the setting was more important but your points were very compelling and i think you are completely right, the ending is more important than the setting. Thank you, i now have a new perspective on the story.

    Chanel D. Lalonde

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