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Blog#3- “A Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway November 14, 2007

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As far as blindness and awareness goes in the story, I think that Krebs’ Mom is blind. I don’t think she understands her sons emotions and I don’t really think she chooses to either. I saw his Mother as somewhat self centered… she only seemed to be concerned with her own feelings, and what was important to her. She wanted Krebs to make sure that he fulfills his purpose in Gods Kingdom, that purpose she believes is getting married. She compares Krebs to all the other men his age who are settling down, and fullfilling their puposes. These are some of these reasons that I see the Mother as ‘blind’, she does not seem too concerned with what will make Krebs happy, but rather what will make her happy.

Krebs I believe is the more aware of the two of them…. in the end of the story he pretty much tells his Mother that he doesn’t love her, however he then sees that it has hurt her feelings. He is aware that he has hurt his Mother, and reacts by immediately withdrawing his statement, “I was just angry at something. I didn’t mean I didn’t love you” (278). I think that this statement alone reveals to the audience that Krebs’ is aware, he is aware of the affect he has had on his mother. And he is willing to practically beg her for forgiveness, “Please, please, Mother. Please believe me” (278). Krebs’ is pretty much lying here, he is only taking it back so his Mom will feel better, it explains how after he said all of this he felt ‘sick and nauseated’. I believe that the fact that Krebs lies to make his Mom feel better shows how truly aware he really is, whereas his Mother, who I perceive to be ‘blind’, is completely unaware of her sons true emotions.



Ernest Hemingway, Milan 1918


One Response to “Blog#3- “A Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway”

  1. Hello again 🙂

    After having read your opinion on the story, i believe that your perspective is a lot more probable than my own.. I believed that Kreb’s mother was somewhat aware of his homosexuality but because it was not the “social norm” she chose to avoid it and deny it herself you know?!
    Anyways you’re probably right, she was self centered so i wouldn’t be surprised if the roles were reversed and Krebs was actually aware and his mother was blind.
    I believe that this story opens the eyes and the mind of fellow class mates, its always good to have a little reminder here and there reminding people that theres is no such thing as normal and that everyone is unique. As humans we can relate to one and another but you cant always truly understand where someone is coming from.

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