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Blog#5- “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley November 28, 2007

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Ok, so I am back….Sorry I was having troubles accessing my account. I know this is probably to late to be evalutaed, but I just wanted to post anyways….

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is much deeper than what is portrayed through the modern film versions. I grew up thinking of Frankenstin as a monster that was created for Halloween, never could I have imagined there was so much meaning behind the true story of Frankenstien…


Portrait of Authour Mary Shelley

First of all, Frankenstein isn’t even the name of the creature….it’s name is… well it doesn’t have one. What does this tell you about its creator? The creature is not as dumb and lethargic as what is portrayed in films; it teaches itself, and becomes aggressive only because of its sense of abandonment and lonlieness. The story is filled with lessons of life and even love. It explores the world of the gothic era with Shelley’s style of writing; capturing the essence of darkness and mystery that is present throughout the entire novel.

Why read this you ask? Well if you want to explore a different aspect of literature, Frankenstein is the way to go…I had never read anything from the gothic era before, and I have to admit, the style of writing is evident and it makes for a very interesting and challenging read. By reading Frankenstein you will develop a new found understanding and appreciation of this monster that we all have grown up with… you will be able to witness the story of the original ‘creature’ before it was ‘hollywoodized’ by our modern day society. When reading the novel you will be presented with a story that will challenge your thoughts and you will rely upon yourself to think outside of what you have already learned about the creature… you will be forced to push aside your misconceptions, and suprisingly enough, even feel pity for the creature.

I believe Frankenstein should be a part of an Intro. to literature course because I think that it is a good example of so many important aspects of literature… it draws in its readers using a dark sense of writing which creates an excellent setting in which the story takes place; it causes the reader to challenge their beliefs of culture, society, life and love and overall it is an excellent introduction to gothic literature.


Hollywood’s version of the creature


2 Responses to “Blog#5- “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley”

  1. 091002339princess Says:


    So do you think the monster/creation existed in the book? Or do you think Victor fabricated the whole thing up to make an excuse to murder four people? Victor was quite the mad scientist, and he may have made up the story for a number of reasons. Reason number one, he was dilusional? Reason number two,he was jealous? The last reason was, because he wanted to see what he could get away with. Write me and let me know your opinion.

  2. Meaghan,
    I agree with you as for the misconception we are exposed to as children. I used to believe that Frankenstein was also just a creative gothic costume but it is infact based on its story.. Frankenstein was created through the imagination of one; Mary Shelley. Mary Shelley is known for her style of gothic/feminist literature. Knowing the historical aspect of Frankenstein based on the mythology of Prometheus, i believe that Frankenstein is created by the author in order to allude to more than one issue in which we face on a daily basis such as feminism, marxism, racism etc…
    I find it ironic that the creator himself is in fact the monster and the only reason why we believe after all these years that Frankenstein is the monster is due to his unique appearance and his limited knowledge, is rejected by social norm and repressed by his creator which would be like a mother repressing her child.

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